Say hello to “Sheba”…

Oppy finally has some nice new rock to look at; she’s sidled-up to a small outcrop of rock which has been named (provisonally, all these features are named provisionally, but I’ve yet to hear of any being cahnged, to be honest, so we can assume the name will stick) “Sheba”. Here’s a three frame mosaic showing the outcrop in black and white… click to enlarge, as usual (as is the case with most images here, of course…)…

But I know, I know, you want to see it in colour, really. Here’s what I’ve managed to make from the raws, but I’m not happy with it, not yet. I’ll work on it when I’ve got more time. It’ll do for now 🙂

I bet the mission geologists are positively dizzy with anticipation, looking at all that exposed rock, on this part of Cape York where the highest levels of precious phyllosilicates was detected from orbit…!

More soon.

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