More rocky goodness…

I’m pretty sure Oppy has photographed this part of her surroundings before, but now we have some colour filter images available, making it possible to create a colour view, so if this next scene looks familiar to you don’t worry about it, ok? 🙂

Fun (I think!) to compare black and white, colour and 3D views of the same scene…

Now, the end of the month/start of a new month is always a great time for MER fans, because that’s when The Planetary Society posts the latest MER Mission Update from the brilliant science journalist AJS Rayl. Each update features the very latest news on the mission, with interviews with MER scientists, behind-the-scenes insights into the mission’s progress and future plans, and much more. The updates really are required reading for anyone interested in the MER mission. I’m sure many of you will already read the updates, but if you don’t, or if you’re a new Road to Endeavour reader (and if you are, hello!), then this month’s update is a great one to start with. You can find it here:

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