Moving on soon..?

No sign of Oppy driving off from that rocky outcrop yet, but surely it can’t be long now; she’s been staring into that ***** RAT hole for what seems like a year! 😉 No, I know it’s important science, I’m just being impatient, which is wrong of me, sorry… but this backseat rover driver is impatient for Oppy to head north and east and track down some of those phylosillicates we’ve all heard so much about. There are some suggestions that might happen on Monday. In the meantime, here’s a small selection of images I’ve made from the most recent pics sent back by Oppy…

Is that Oppy’s next drive direction? Possibly, I’m not sure. But that horizon looks very, very inviting, especially in 3D…

… 🙂

Next: a new colour portrait of Cape Tribulation…

Next we have a look at the northern end of “Sutherland Point”, which might be Oppy’s next destination after leaving Cape York…

(Here’s what you’re looking at…

Surely after visiting Sutherland Point – if she does – Oppy will strike-out for the high hill to the south, Cape Tribulation…? (note: click on the next image to enlarge it, but please bear in mind that this is just me speculating, it’s not official or approved in any way!)

…and I think that’ll do us for this time. More soon!

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1 Response to Moving on soon..?

  1. rickyjames says:

    Dude! We’ve got to go the whole lenght of Cape York and take a look at the waterfall bed on the other end…

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