The magnificence of Mars…

I’m starting to get seriously worried about running out of ways to descrbe the beauty of the place Oppy is now exploring. I’ve just been making a new colourised image of “Ridout” – that huge rock perched on the eastern side of Odyssey Crater – and its surrounding debris, and when I finished I genuinely had to take a moment or two to just look at it and drink it in, because… well, just take a look for yourself…

I envy, to the point of hatred, the explorers, adventurers, settler, colonists and tourists of the future who will, one day, trek across the great cinnamon-dust desert of Meridiani, then step up onto Cape York, stride up to Odyssey Crater, and see this incredible view for themselves, with their own eyes, with the great hills of Endeavour behind them…

More soon.


Edit: 3D version of the above… glasses on, and go for a hike… 😉

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8 Responses to The magnificence of Mars…

  1. Ben says:

    Think of it this way Stu. Your great grandfather didn’t know this even existed.
    Marvel at the idea of what are grandchidren are going to see !!

  2. Koolasuchus says:

    I share Stu’s feelings.
    When people tell me about terraforming Mars I’m like “Are you insane?”.
    Been reading this for a while, great blog 🙂

  3. vanDivX says:

    Damn I think I will be pushed to get those 3d glasses 😉
    This is like being there, I can just see myself kicking the tires of those rocks I read once scifi story about this older guy who figured out how to get to the Moon and despite his age he got place on the first rocket there and died peacefully sitting on the Moon’s surface. some place like this one. I can imagine one way flight to Mars and then end it by sitting around here looking over the Endeavour crater with one of these rocks behind my back…. until my oxygen would get finished.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed checking out “Ridout” and these pics are amazing….Stu better to have seen it than to never have seen it….we are all living it and exploring those beautiful rocks through your/Oppy’s pics….life is good… 🙂

  5. P.S. if you run out of words (cant imagine that) just post a pic and we will all “stand and stare”

  6. rickyjames says:

    Well, by the time they get there to see it, they will probably have exchanged “their own eyes” for Google Android Bionic Eyes (TM). But your point is well taken.

  7. Talos says:

    Hi! Excellent work! Congratualtions !!!

    I see a green tint on some rocks. Is the color balance correct? If so, this is the first time I see green color on Mars…
    I am looking forward to receiving your reply!

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