Time to turn our backs on Tisdale…

It looks like Oppy has completed her studis of Tisdale (2) and is heading “up” Cape York in search of those all-important phylosillicates. Rover driver Scott Maxwell Tweeted earlier today:

We are driving away from Tisdale_2 today, heading out to the east. Ultimate destination is northeast, but the long way is the better way.

So, it looks like we’ve had our last close-up views of Tisdale 2’s fascinating surface and structure, and Oppy is going start making her way north, towards higher ground, where the chemical signatures of those intriguing clays have been detected from orbit.

Here’s where she has moved to…

…and here’s where I think she’ll be heading next…

So, more new science targets ahead! Can’t wait!

But before she left, Oppy took, and sent back, some more images of the rocky debris surrounding Odyssey Crater. Here’s a rather impressive (I think!) portrait, in 3D, of “Ridout Rock”…

… which is just one small part of my new wide-angle view of the debris field…

And finally for this time, a couple of close-up views of a huge rock that’s been christened “Trailbreaker”…


In about half an hour there’s a NASA teleconference giving details of what Oppy will be doing now she’s reached Endeavour, and probably looking back, fondly, on her adventures since landing. So check back later for the latest news and maybe some more images, too. 🙂

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1 Response to Time to turn our backs on Tisdale…

  1. good to hear Oppy is on the move again…great pics…fabulous to see in 3d..thanks again Stu…onwards and upwards..as they say 🙂

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