Oppy taking her time interrogating Tisdale…

Hello again, all! Haven’t posted for a couple of days because there hasn’t been an awful lot to post about, to be honest. Oppy has been parked up in front of Tisdale and getting down to some serious scientific study of the aircraft carrier-shaped rock – using her microscopic imager to take close-up photos of its rugged surface, and using her other scientific instruments to analyse what the rock is made of.

For full – and I mean full!- details of exactly what Oppy has been getting up to since she arrived at Tisdale, nip over  to Matt’s blog and read his very detailed and fascinating account of the ongoing scientific campaign on the edge of Odyssey Crater…


Less scientifically, here are some of my latest processed/enhanced/stitched together/messed about with images from Oppy…

Now that one you absolutely must click on to enlarge it, so you can peer right down the side of Tisdale. It’s quite a view! 🙂

And here’s a rather wider angle view of Odyssey Crater…

As I said, not an awful lot to see at the moment. Oppy’s been taking a lot of images with her microscopic imager, but I’ll be honest, I can’t make much sense out of them, and I certainly can’t assemble them into any kind of half-decent mosaic or panorama, so I’m going to wait until the imaging of Tisdale is complete and try it then, I think.

Instead, let’s finish off this post with a look at how our view of the Tribulation Range (my nickname, not official!) has changed. Look at these two images. They both show the same hills, but the top one was taken when Oppy was back at Santa Maria crater… the hills were a bumpy ridge on the horizon… now we’re INSIDE the curve of those hills, and they’re looming up around us…quite incredible…

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1 Response to Oppy taking her time interrogating Tisdale…

  1. Matt Lenda says:

    *Love* that straight-down shot of Tisdale-2. It’s like.. “Sup.”

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