“Ridout” and “Kyeemagh” revisited…

More images have come back from Oppy, and it looks like she;s having a bit of a memory “clear out” to make way for new pictures: among the images that came back today are some of “Ridout”, the Big Rock sitting on the side of Odyssey Crater, and “Kyeemagh”, a beautifully-eroded plate of surface bedrock Oppy saw on Sol 2681, the day before “landfall” on Cape York.

The new images of Ridout included the last colour filter one I needed to make a colour portrait of it, so here it is…

…and here’s a rather nifty (I think!) 3D image of “Kyeemagh”…

Finally for today, a panoramic, sweeping view across Odyssey Crater, which shows just what a beautiful place Oppy has pulled up at…

It shouldn’t be long now until we start to get some really close-up views of Tisdale, which I’m really looking forward to. In the meantime, one last 3D image for you, showing what appears to be a pile of dust and light material, piled p on the ground just past Tisdale… what’s left of an ancient martian rock which has eroded over millions if not billions of years..?

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