Edging towards Tisdale…

Oppy is making her way slowly but surely towards that big flat-topped slab of rock called “Tisdale”. When she reaches it, I expect her to spend some time there, studying it in detail, because it’s easily one of the most complicated, interesting-looking rocks we’ve seen in Meridiani since Oppy landed all those years ago.

Here’s my latest colour composite. Please, click on it to enlarge it and then take some time just wandering around the image, taking in the different colours and shades, the many different shapes textures of the rocks, both of Tisdale itself and scattered around it. I think there’s some very interesting science to be done here…

And to give you an idea of just where Oppy is, here’s a wider angle 3D view…

…and a Google Earth plot of where Oppy has got to in relation to Odyssey crater – you’ll see that Tisdale is very close to the crater…

Really looking forward to the detailed study of Tisdale. Over on the unmannedspaceflight.com forum it’s been noted that the rock bears a striking similarity to something rather larger… see what you think…

Full steam ahead, Oppy! 🙂

More soon.

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1 Response to Edging towards Tisdale…

  1. Tisdale looks very interesting indeed the MER team must be counting their “sleep’s” until she finally rolls up….thanks for the photos once again.. 🙂

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