Magnificent Munro!

Since my last post Oppy has been having a fine old time, taking photographs of one of the most gnarly, messy, lumpy, pug-ugly rocks ever seen by either rover. “Munro” is… well, it’s just a mass of jumbled stone, with bits of stuff sticking out here, what look like solidified splashes of other stuff there. It looks like a previously normal-looking rock had a really bad transporter beam accident and rematerialised on the surface of Mars turned half inside out, screaming in pain. I mean… look at it…

Of course, one man’s ugliness is another man’s geological beauty, and I’m sure the MER scientists are beaming from ear to ear as they ponder Munro’s mysteries. What IS that blue-grey stuff that looks like it’s splashed all over it? Is Munro a mass of different rocks, all mixed up together? We’ll need more images to tell us that, I think.

Here’s the view in 3D… it’s a bit of a migraine-inducer, cos we’re not seeing it from a very good angle, so if you don’t “see” the 3D very well the first time, try again.

Actually, Munro might just have been a brief detour on the way to that bug flat-topped slab of rock, “Tisdale”, which caught our eyes as soon as Oppy rolled up towards Odyssey crater. Here’s a new view of it…

Another 3D view for you…

That’s all for now, but I’m sure there’ll be more pictures to show you soon. Oppy is definitely in slow motion mode now, after her rapid sprint south across the Meridiani desert. That’s fine by me. There’s a lot to see here on Cape York, in the debris field that surrounds Odyssey Crater, and I’m sure we’ll be here for a while, so grab a coffee and some biccies and just enjoy the view. It won’t be changing anytime soon! πŸ™‚

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  1. hey looks like I’ve just donned my 3D specs just in time…..bring it on Oppy!… πŸ™‚ ..loving those rocks…

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