What tales will Tisdale tell..?

Oppy is moving slowly towards “Tisdale”, the rock previously known as “the Slab”. By now she should have been almost touching it with her instruments, but the latest drive didn’t quite work out as planned. Instead she edged a little closer. close enough to allow her to take some great new portraits of the flat-topped rock, which I’ve been working on this evening.

First of all, a colourised portrait of Tisdale… which I’ve really tried hard to get accurate colours on…

And for all you 3D fans…

That’s a fascinating rock, isn’t it? Can’t wait for some close-up views of that over the next few days.

Before I go, a quick word about the 3D images. If you’re one of the readers who can’t enjoy the 3D images, I’ve a couple of great tips for you on how to obtain some glasses, which will help you join the 3D party we’re having here.

First of all, if you’re a US reader and you live close to a major NASA center, just drop them a line and ask, politely, if they have any 3D glasses available? Most do have supplies of these glasses – the card-framed red/green ones, I mean – and will be all too happy to help you.

If you’re a non-US reader (or a US reader a gazillion miles away from a NASA centre) then there’s a very simple and very cheap way of getting hold of some 3D glasses. Simply go to your nearest magazine store or discount bookseller and wander over to the kids section. I can almost guarantee you that you’ll find at least one magazine or book comes with a free pair of 3D glasses. It’ll be about “creepy crawlies”, or “bugs” probably, but there’ll be something there, trust me, yours for the price of the magazine or book. And it’s often the case that these 3D glasses in kids magazines are of unusually high quality, i.e they’ve got plastic frames instead of card ones, and will last you longer than the cheap and disposable 3D cardframed glasses.

I hope that solves a few problems. In the meantime, following your very helpful and constructive comments, I’m going to make sure there are no more exclusively 3D posts from now on, I don’t want anyone feeling left out 🙂

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3 Responses to What tales will Tisdale tell..?

  1. j dub says:

    thanks very much!

  2. bob says:

    Don’t forget the free 3D-glasses that come with ‘3D’ DVD’s nowadays.

  3. thanks for the 3D glasses tip 😉

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