Rock round-up…

Told you some more images were in the pipeline! These aren’t in colour, but they’re definitely worth looking at…

First, a hi-res 3D view of “Ridout”…

And this rock is just plain… well… ugly…

…and “The Slab” continues to fascinate… the sooner we pull up next to it, the better…

And finally for this time, a 3D study of the surface… click on this next pic to enlarge it and then just wander over the scene, looking at all the different sized and shaped rocks…

Mars, everyone.


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6 Responses to Rock round-up…

  1. j dub says:

    Hi thanks for all your efforts.
    Would you make it a policy to always include the non-3D pictures?
    Otherwise we low-tech fans are disappointed.

    • phoenixpics says:

      I can’t guarantee that, it all depends on which images come back. But that was the second post today, so I hope there’s been something for you to enjoy πŸ™‚

  2. ditto on 3d, I’ve been following the rovers since they landed and unfortunately never been able to view a 3d picture. But their are plenty of non 3d pictures, so no complaints, just informing. Enjoying mars and thank you again, for all your posts.

  3. Harald Wolf says:

    Hey guys – those 3d glasses are not hi-tech! I have a pair that came in a National Geographic mag decades ago and they work like a charm on these photos. You can get a fancy pair from Amazon for under $2, and I bet all local science stores carry them. Get a pair – best investment you can make!

  4. must get to the pound shop for my 3D specs!!…keep those brilliant photos coming….its all so amazing and Oppy is doing a great job too!…

  5. Matt Lenda says:

    “slab” = “Tisdale 2”

    (It ousted Tisdale 1 for supremacy! Or, something.)

    I smell an IDD target.

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