Cape York – in colour…

There have been lots of black and white images of Cape York and Odyssey crater so far – time to take a look at it in colour, today 🙂

The first decent colour filter images are starting to come back now, allowing us image enthusiasts to make approx true colour images by combining them. Here’s my take – and these things are very personal; ten image enthusiasts would come up with a broad spectrum of different hues, colours and contrasts – on Cape York in colour…


…and a close-up of the surface…

Click on both those and drink in the view… 🙂

Finally for today’s brief update, a hi-res black and white view of some of the big rocks up ahead of Oppy…

Really feels like we’re exploring again, doesn’t it? 🙂

More colour pics in the pipeline, so check back soon.

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1 Response to Cape York – in colour…

  1. ed says:

    looks like we might have a neolithic stone circle here Stu…

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