Oppy’s rocky road ahead…

Looking at the latest pictures to come back from Oppy, two things are clear. Firstly, she’s started to drive around Odyssey crater in an anti-clockwise direction, and secondly, that route is going to take her through a LOT of rocks. Geology fans like myself are going to be as giddy as a dog in a lamp post factory over the next few days…!

Here’s Oppy’s latest view…

Looking forward to seeing that big flat-topped slab in more detail when Oppy draws a bit closer…

That view above reminds me a lot of another Martian landing site – the “Rock Garden” at Ares Valles, where the Pathfinder probe touched down in 1997…

But going back to Odyssey crater itself, Oppy’s latest “bump forwards” took her a little closer to the crater- close enough to let her start to peeking over its edge…

Intriguing, eh? The next major download from Oppy should include a full set of colour filter images, allowing us to make a real colour panorama of Odyssey. Looking forward to that!

There are already some “thumbnail” images availablem which meant I could make a VERY rough colour view of that Big Rock over on the easterm side of Odyssey…

It looks like the MER team have decided to christen that big rock “Ridout”..? Er, What? I can’t find an appropriate link for that anywhere..??

That’s all for now, more pocs soon, I expect.

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