Spirit Point sighted..! (probably!)

BIG news today – after another long, 100m+ drive, Oppy might, MIGHT have had her first glimpse of “Spirit Point”, the southern tip of Cape York where she is scheduled to make landfall after her epic trek across the deep desert of Meridiani…!!

Oppy is now almost staring down the throat of Botany Bay, and another one, two drives at most will see her entering that ‘valley’ between the two ledges on Endeavour’s NW rim. Than, oh, then we’ll see a view!!

But for now, this is the view…

That itself is a beautiful view, isnt it? The towering hills of the Tribulation Range to the right… Cape York stretching off to the left… and between them, a low mound which may very well be “Spirit Point”…

I must admit, I’m not 1000% sure what we’re seeing; there’s not enough detail visible yet for me to comfortably call it one way or the other, and I think we probably need another couple of drives before we’re in a position to definitely ID Spirit Point. But the next set of images to come back from Oppy might help clear things up.

Very exciting days ahead! 🙂 😉

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