Steady progress…

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past week, I’ve had to put RtE on the back-burner while I was watching those beautiful noctilucent clouds ( see ). But back now, and catching up with things…

..and “things” are basically that Oppy is still chugging away, heading for Endeavour Crater. She’s just finished a really good drive, well over 140m, and is now just one, maybe two drives away from the place where I **think** we *****might**** get our first view of at least the very top of Cape York. We’ll see. Anyway, let’s take a look at where Oppy has got to on her journey…

Regardless of what she sees – or doesn’t see – when she reaches where I’ve planted my little red flag, Oppy’s next major stop will be at that crater up ahead, the one I’ve nicknamed “Approach Crater”. Beyond that, a drive downhill towards Cape York.

Yes, things are about to enter a new phase, and get very interesting indeed…! 🙂

Oppy has just passed another meteorite actually – and by “passed” i literally mean passed, she didn’t stop to look at it, she just rolled right past it. That makes sense. Endeavour is the prize now, and it would have to be a pretty amazing-looking meteorite to make Oppy halt in her journey now. Here’s The One That Got Away…

…and there’s not a lot else to tell you, really! The next few days will be fascinating ones, as Oppy approaches and then reaches a high point in the local terrain and our view of Endeavour should get a whole lot better, so check back regularly. For now, I’ll close this post with a view of the ground at Oppy’s feet, just for comparison…

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