Another monster drive..!

Wow. And that’s “Wow” with a capital “WO”. Oppy’s latest drive was another 160m or so, meaning she is now just a couple more good drives away from her next waypoint target, a cluster of small craters I’ve cunningly nicknamed “Crater Cluster”. Beyond that there are only really two major landscape features of any note – both craters – and then there’s the run-up (or drop down… we’ll see…) to Spirit Point at the southern end of Cape York.

Ok, backtracking a bit, let’s look at the big picture…

So… next on our road trip: Crater Cluster. Here’s a close-up…

1.7km beyond that, another very eroded crater I’m calling “Approach Crater” here, just for fun… (pic at same scale as the one above)

And then, 0.6km beyond that, the final crater of any size Oppy will encounter on her trek to Endeavour, which I’m nicknaming “Almost There” crater… (by the way, these craters will almost certainly be given the names of famous manned spacecraft before too long):

And then, just 0.4km beyond that, Spirit Point beckons…

Here are some 3D views of those features, all to the same scale…


So, under 3km to go now, and some very interesting features ahead. But what about Oppy’s planned landfall site – Spirit Point – itself? Let’s take a closer look at that.

Firstly, here’s a stiched together image showing the southern end of Cape York. Spirit Point is the very southern tip (maybe the semi-circular ‘bay’, specifically? Not quite sure about, I’ll have to ask someone)  and you can see this end of the Cape is dominated by that ejecta-surrounded crater…

That’s all very well, but how big are these features, really? How big is that crater compared to Oppy? Let’s add some virtual Oppys to that previous image, coloured orange, to make things clearer…

And just for fun, let’s zoom in closer to that crater and see how the surrounding ejecta blocks would dwarf Oppy (coloured orange, at the end of the dark trail) if she drives up to that area…

…and, of course, in 3D…

That’s where we’re going, that’s what we’ll see. At some point in the not too distant future I’m going to set-up a page here dedicated purely to images of Cape York and Spirit Point, kind of a “Visitors Guide” to Spirit Point if you like, so keep a look out for that.

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2 Responses to Another monster drive..!

  1. Terry Vilain says:

    Very interresting demonstration of Oppy’s way forward! Can’t wait to see all that very soon!
    Keep on with the excellent work; I’m staying tuned to your site as well as the UMSF!

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