Closer, ever closer…

Another sol, another drive for Oppy, another little bit closer to her goal – Cape York, on the rim of Endeavour Crater.

There hasn’t been much new to see over the past few days, just a crater up ahead getting slightly larger and slightly closer. Here’s Oppy’s latest view – click to enlarge, as usual…

That’s the view through Oppy’s Pancam (or Panoramic camera) ((acually, three different views, stitched together)). Here’s the view through the wider angle Navcam, or Navigation camera…

And a 3D view, tho, to be honest, there’s so little surface relief here that there’s not much of a 3D effect…

Now, just for a change, let’s take a look at the hills on the horizon, in a slightly unusual way. By stretching Oppy’s images vertically it’s possible to enhance the features on them, and also bring out features not immediately obvious on the “raw” images. Here’s a stretch of the closest, western hills…

I really like that, it shows – I think! – the way the western hills curve around as they lead off to the south. Meanwhile, across the other side of Endeavour, the eastern hills – dominated by that large “hump” of a hill with its still-unnamed crater – look like this when stretched…

I’m really looking forward to seeing what those hills look like from Cape York, we should see some fascinating detail on them. 🙂

Finally for this post, congratulations to the MER team for their magnificent achievement yesterday – at some point in her latest drive Oppy passed the 29km mark. She really is like a martian Duracell bunny, running on, refusing to stop… 🙂

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One Response to Closer, ever closer…

  1. morleyt says:

    Wow, Stu, that stretched view of the hills on the far side of Endeavour makes them look kinda like the Teton Range….viewed from the Idaho side, of course! Thanks.

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