Just chugging along…

Nothing much to report at the moment, really. Oppy has slowed down a little in recent sols, and has just been chugging along, steadily heading south and east towards Endeavour. Around her – the vast, wide open plain of Meridiani, scattered with small rocks and stones. On the horizon – the hills of Endeavour. Directly ahead of us – another narrow swathe of bedrock (a) on pc below, and just beyond that some rather jumbled, mixed-up terrain (b), and just beyond THAT (around 155m from where Oppy is now) a pair of small craters (c), as yet un-named. Here’s a quick look at where we are, and where we’re going next…

How big are those features compared to Oppy? Let’s take a look – if you can’t see the “virtual Oppy” right away, clicvk on the image to enlarge it and follow the dark trail leading in from the left…

So, it’s a case of “steady as she goes” I think…

Finally for this post, a new “wide angle” view of Oppy’s far horizon, showing the hills on the far side of Endeavour. Click on it to see it at its best. 🙂

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