Another crater ahead…

Well, two craters – actually, a small cluster of four or five craters.

Here’s Oppy’s latest wide angle view, a mosaic of images taken on sol 2574 (just read that again… back in 2004 we were all crossing our fingers that Oppy MIGHT last 90 days, or longer, on Mars…!!!)…

Can you see that white line, kind of a zig-zag, at the top of the image, just beneath the horizon? That’s almost certainly Oppy’s next stopover, a pair of craters, with a few smaller craters scattered around them, that hasn’t got a name yet. Let’s look at exactly what we’re seeing…

We can’t see the long, narrow swathe of light bedrock the crater cluster lies beyond, because it’s in a bit of a dip, but we’ll be on it soon, I’m sure.

A quick closer look at what we can see of the craters so far…

…and here’s a simulated view, using Google Mars…

…and a more detailed view, from a HiRISE image, with a virtual Oppy added as a bonus 🙂

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