Two views…

Oppy is now enjoying a fantastic view of the faraway (I might change that to “still-pretty-faraway-but-not-as-faraway-as-they-were”!) hills of Endeavour, as she pushes on towards the giant crater. Here’s a new portrait of the closest section of the crater rim I’ve made…

Now, I’ll be honest, that particular image was a bit of a – well, not accident, but it was a bit of a ‘surprise’ because I was generally playing about with some image processing programs, mixing and matching different views, and that’s what came out the other end! So I’m leaving well alone and just putting it on here for others to enjoy – hopefully!

I called this post “Two Views”. Why? Well, Stella and I went camping at the weekend, to a camp site on the shores of Ullswater, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Lake District, and – using the same image stitching technique I use for combining images taken by the Mars rovers – I made a rather lovely panoramic view of the view from our tent…and then I thought what a comparison it is with the view Oppy has now… So, here you are, just for fun, two views across to hills on two very different, but closely related, worlds, on the same day…

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3 Responses to Two views…

  1. j dub says:

    an interesting perspective

  2. 7B8 says:

    Amazing view. I hope that one day people will go on camping trips on Mars.

  3. Buck says:

    Both views are very nice!

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