Wide open spaces…

Just a brief update this time – a chance to stand beside Oppy and take in her surroundings…

Santa Maria is now far behind Oppy, little more than a rippled, dark line beneath the western horizon. Up ahead, a lot – a LOT – of flat wide open desert, with only low, gentle dust ripples and a few stones scattered here and there. To get a better impression of the terrain Oppy is currently driving over, I invite you to dive into this 3D image Ive made, which shows the ground ahead. You’ll need to click on the image to bring up a full size version, then just scroll around it, drinking in the view. This place might look boring, and featureless, but it has a stark beauty of its own, I think. See what you think…

And I really love this 3D view, which I think gives a really nice impression of what the faraway hills of Endeavour look like, on that far horizon…

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