Dear Oppy…

I know you REALLY like Santa Maria crater – with all those lovely cliffs and exotic, “what’s that?”-coated rocks it turned out to be *much* more interesting than those first HiRISE images suggested, but really, come on, it’s time to go. You were meant to drive away DAYS ago. We’re all sitting here, hitting Refresh on the webpages we use to look at your raw images, expecting every click to show us a picture with Santa Maria **behind** you, but nope… nothing…

I know you’re probably enjoying the rest, and you deserve it. Look how far you’ve come already. It’s incredible! If you’d landed on the edge of Endeavour crater you’d almost be at the southern rim by now…

…but you’ve another 6km to go before you get to what might be the most special, most amazing place you’ll see on the whole of your incredible adventure. See? Over there?

Those lumps and bumps on the horizon? That’s where you need to be going now. ( Well, just to the right of them; DON’T head for the large hills, the ones with the crater on their side (no, they still haven’t given that a name yet!), they’re on the other side of Endeavour altogether. )

So, Oppy, take a last look around you.. drink in the view… remember the good times here… and then turn away. The hills of Endeavour are calling.

Time to go to them.

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3 Responses to Dear Oppy…

  1. Heimdall says:

    A great name for the crater would be Odin’s Eye…
    Why not start using pantheon names from various mythologies?

    • Stu says:

      Like that idea, but the crater naming convention they’ve established is to name craters after famous ships of exploration. I’ve already suggested a few… I’m really hoping for “Enterprise”… and I’m in touch with the NASA people who are involved in the naming, so we’ll see what it’s eventually called. 🙂

  2. Tom says:

    Great comparison showing the size of the crater. That’s a big place!

    Run Oppy run!!! Make your sister proud. 🙂

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