One day closer to leaving…

Oppy has moved just a little further around the rim of Santa Maria crater, to take a last batch of images of her home for the past couple of months before turning around and heading for Endeavour. Her new viewpoint gives, I think, a particularly beautiful view of this surprisingly impressive place…

…and the obligatory 3D view…

When Oppy finally decides she’s had enough of Santa Maria she’ll point her nose at Cape York and head for the faraway hills on the misty horizon. But before she leaves Santa Maria forever, she’ll probably take a quick look at another dark rock (“Rodrigo_de_Escobar”) just a little way out on the surrounding plain, seen here in this 3D view…

There’ll probably be a HUGE “photo dump” by Oppy before she leaves this place, bit of a memory spring clean before heading off across the desert, so expect an image-packed post soon… 🙂

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2 Responses to One day closer to leaving…

  1. j dub says:

    opportunity looking back
    wind is reflected
    in the dust

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