“Farewell Ruiz” as Oppy prepares to leave Santa Maria…

That 3D image above – taken by Oppy’s rear hazcams – shows that our trusty rover has now driven away from the rock Ruiz Garcia, and has moved a little further around Santa Maria’s rim, heading in an anti-clockwise direction. Here’s another, wider angle view…

She’ll probably park up for a couple of days at a spot just a little further ahead, take a final sequence of portaits of Santa Maria, then turn around and, turning her back on the 90m crater forever, head for the faraway hills of Endeavour, and her date with whatever destiny awaits her there.

Some more views from Oppy’s new viewpoint…

Here’s a verrrrry wide angle view, a mosaic of ten different Oppy images made into one long image. It hasn’t joined up 100% perfectly, and it has a bit of a fisheye distortion thing going on, but I still think it’s a pretty cool view… as usual, click on it to enlarge it…

I am pretty sure that Oppy’s got just a few days left at Santa Maria, and then she’ll be off, heading south-east, towards Endeavour. So, in anticipation of that, and to wrap-up this post, here are a couple of my fanciful views of Endeavour’s hills…

More soon…

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