Leaving soon..?

It surely can’t be long now until Oppy rounds up her science observations at Santa Maria crater and heads off for the faraway hills of Endeavour. She’s taken a boat-load of MI images of Ruiz Garcia, allowing the geology-hungry MER scientists to peer into that great “axe wound” of a cleft on its left side, and I think that after another quick hop around Santa Maria, counter-clockwise, to take Santa Maria’s portrait from a slightly different point of view, she’ll wheel around, turn her back on this fascinating crater, and hit the road again.

When? Hmmm. Maybe the middle to back end of next week.

So, while we all wait at the departure gate for Oppy’s flight slot to be approved, time to quickly recap on some of the things Oppy has been up to these past few days, and a trip back in time to take another look at some of Oppy’s past work.

Firstly, here’s the rock “Mabuya” which, like Ruiz Garcia, appears to have a dark, scab-like, red-bluish coating over part of it…

Back to Ruiz, here’s a close-up, courtesy of Oppy’s MI, showing us the rocks surface in great detail…

And, hot off the press – i.e. I just finished making it in Photoshop about half an hour ago – here’s a multi-frame mosaic showing the surface of GR just to the right of the ‘cleft’…

I am sure there are a LOT more MI images to be messed about with skilfully stitched together to make into more mosaics, and when they come down I’ll see what I can do with them.

In the meantime, let’s jump in our TARDIS and go back in time to some of Oppy’s previous “work”. Here are another few mosaics I’ve made using the fantastic colourised MI images recently released by the MER team. First of all, here’s a close look at a brushed area on that huge chunk of ejecta called “Marquette Island”…

And here we have my take on “Whatanga”, an area brushed by Oppy in the early days of the mission…

I think that Whatanga’s on this pic somewhere, maybe the brushed area down at bottom right but I’m not sure. Doesn’t matter, it’s a nice pic anyway… 🙂

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, take a look at my artistic impression (i.e these aren’t the natural colours, I’ve played about with the contrast, levels and hues, etc, just to make something more aesthetically pleasing…) “Olympia”, a brushed area which Oppy examined waaaaaay back…

More pictures and news before too long, so check back for another update later.

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