Into the RAT hole…

A shed-load of new images taken by Oppy’s microscopic imager came back, so I’ve been having some fun with those…

Some 3D views…

And an alternative way of seeing 3D – flipping back and forth between two images to give the impression of 3D without glasses. You’ll probably need to click on the image to make it work…

Just a reminder – RAT holes are just 4.5cm across…

Finally for this post, a new colour view across Santa Maria to Yuma…

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2 Responses to Into the RAT hole…

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  2. Jim Bean says:

    As a human being, I feel privileged to be able to view these pictures.
    Knowing the journey it took to get them, from the laboratory where the rovers were “conceived”, to the perilous voyage to get there and the amazing landings, makes them even more special.
    We are truly an amazing species.

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