Oppy drills into Luis de Torres

As expected, Opy has used her Rock Abrasion Tool – RAT – to carve a small hole out of the exposed rock of Luis de Torres…

Close-up of the hole…

Look out for some nice images from Oppy’s microscope soon 🙂

UPDATE: here they are, all combined into one. (I had to do a bit of tinkering in the middle there, so don’t take this too seriously, ok, just enjoy the overall view!)

In the meantime, following the (lovely!) positive feedback from my previous post’s 3D images of Endeavour crater, here’s another, this time showing Oppy’s position relative to Endeavour, again in 3D. Just a reminder – Oppy is now approx 6km from Cape York, her predicted “landfall” site on the edge of Endeavour…

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