Oppy’s back and sending us pictures again…

Hooray! Solar conjunction is over, Mars has emerged from the glare of the Sun, and Oppy is in contact with Earth again, and sending us back images and data again!

Here’s her latest panorama of Santa Maria (click on it, and all the others, for a larger version). I’m pretty sure it won’t be her last – before heading east for Endeavour she’ll scoot a way around Santa Maria to image it from a different viewpoint, just to allow MER scientists to construct a very detailed 3D model of the crater…

A close-up of the opposite side of the crater…

Oppy’s been taking a look at herself, too. Here are some rather mind-bending “self portraits” of Oppy, made by stitching together several single images…

The image above shows Oppy’s robot arm and instrument package suspended above the exposed rocky outcrop, Luis de Torres. Oppy will now almost certainly drill into that rock to see what lies beneath its weathered surface, so we can expect some more microscopic images pics soon. In the meantime, here’s a 3D view of the robot arm and Luis de Torres, but be aware that this one is a bit “busy”, with a lot of different levels in it, so you’ll really have to relax your eyes to see the 3D effect properly, and you may well end up scrolling up and down the image just looking at one area at a time…

More soon, I’m sure.

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