Almost time to go…

Solar conjunction is just about over now, so it can’t be too long until Oppy starts phoning home again, in advance of finishing off her survey of Santa Maria crater… then it’s off to Endeavour we go!

Thanks to some rather fantastic new files for Google Mars, created by members of the forum (full details here on Emily Lakdawalla’s blog for The Planetary Society ) everyone can now follow Oppy as she heads for her “landfall” at Endeavour, at a feature called “Cape York”. If you’re a Google Mars user, you can just follow the advice given in Emily’s post and virtually walk alongside Oppy as she heads south and west. If you’re not… or if you just can’t be bothered! … then I’ll be using the files here, on this blog of mine, to take you all on the remainder of Oppy’s journey across Meridiani, so you won’t miss a thing! 🙂

So, assuming Oppy starts to wrap-up her recce of Santa Maria soon, where next? Well, here (click on image to enlarge) is where she is heading- a small “island” of rock sticking up out of the Meridiani plain… Cape York…

Now, that looks like a huge plateau of some sort, but in fact it’s quite a small feature. There are some fascinating structures in, on and around it, but having looked at those already I’m not going to again now… tho I will again as Oppy closes in on the island… but instead, this time, I’ll draw your attention to what I think are the most fascinating features that Oppy will pass as she zeroes in on Cape York. On the next image you’ll see that there are quite a few small craters (blue circles), but, more interesting, I think, are the small “mounds” and “domes” (yellow circles) that lie close to Cape York… what caused those? What are they? Maybe we’;ll know before too long…

That’s all for now, just a teaser for the resumption of activities really, so keep checking back to see when Oppy starts to head towards Endeavour!

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