The hills are calling…

The latest batch of raw images to come back from Oppy includes several sets of red, green and blue filtered images, which allowed me to make colour views of the hills of Endeavour crater. I’m really pleased with them, and think one of them is probably the best image of the hills I’ve made so far… hope you like it! As usual click on the image to enlarge it.

You know, if we were standing there beside Oppy, on the edge of Santa Maria crater, I bet we could walk to those hills in just a few hours if we set off now..! Oh well… patience… Oppy will be there soon enough. 🙂

Here’s another colourisation, this time showing the hills on the farside of Endeavour, an area of the rim dominated by a large crater which STILL HASN’T GOT A NAME!!!!!

Finally for this post, here’s a mosaic panorama showing the skyline Oppy is seeing from Santa Maria. It’s dominated by the hills, both nearside and farside, of Endeavour. You really will need to click on this image to see it properly.

Incredible view, isn’t it? 🙂

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