A closer look at Luis de Torres…

Now this is interesting. I can’t claim any credit for the idea behind making this animation because I saw it done on a Mars-related forum by a member called “Psych”. It’s a two frame animation (although you won’t actually see the animation in action on the image below, you have to click on it to set it going) which flips quickly between different views of the surface of Luis de Torres after it was brushed clean by Oppy’s RAT brush, and it gives a strange but very striking “3D” view of the rock’s rough, knobbly surface. If you click on the pic below you’ll see a much larger version – pay particular attention to the bottom left corner, where most of the “action” is taking place…

That’s really ipressive, I think; it really makes you feel like you’ve bent down to take a really close look at the rock through your spacesuit helmet’s visor. 🙂

Scientifically, tho, what does it tell us? Well, I’m no expert (as you all know!), but it shows the surface of Luis de Torres is… um… extremely rough, with, er, bits sticking up out of it and ‘channels’ cut into it.

Hey, I did say I’m no expert… 🙂

Looking forward to more views of this rock, and this is a technique I’ll definitely be trying again on microscope images sent back by Oppy as she studies Luis de Torres.

Update: I was wondering if I cou;d use these images to make a 3D anaglyph…

Oh yes…

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1 Response to A closer look at Luis de Torres…

  1. Reckless says:

    Hi Stu
    The top MI animation is excellent. that’s my kind of 3D my eyes won’t let me see the anaglyphs.
    Can’t wait to see what the mossbauer spectrometer reveals.
    Hope that is spelt correctly it has an e after the o on the nasa site.

    Roy F

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