Oppy gives Luis de Torres the brush off…

As you can see from that 3D picture, Oppy has started to work on the exposed outcrop “Luis de Torres”, lowering her robot arm onto it to allow the package of scientific instruments on the end to get to work on the rock. It looks like the first thing she did was to brush clean a small area of the rock, exposing the clean, dust-free surface beneath…

More pictures soon! 🙂

( Ronatu – просьба дать полный кредит при использовании или ссылки на изображения здесь. Спасибо. 🙂 )

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1 Response to Oppy gives Luis de Torres the brush off…

  1. Barry McMahon says:

    Just thought I’d say well done on a very interesting blog. I work on the European ExoMars Rover project at Astrium in Stevenage, with responsibility for the on-board ‘vehicle’ software. As you probably know, ESA and NASA plan a joint Mars mission in 2018 which will deliver to the surface (perhaps via skycrane) a US Rover and the ExoMars Rover together. Some of my colleagues recently came back from a meeting at JPL to discuss aspects of the joint mission. They saw the mock-up of Spirit’s current bogged down configuration while they were there! I often check out your blog when I get home in the evening.

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