The survey begins…

That 3D pic shows that Oppy has now positioned her robot arm’s instrument payload above the exposed bedrock slab known as Luis de Torres (which I might call “LdT” from now on; it’s a lot to type every time!), in readiness to begin her in-depth study of the hydrated sulfates close to Yuma, on the edge of Santa Maria crater. And we now have the first images back from Oppy’s microscopic imager, showing the surface of LdT in close-up…

( I’ve stitched together two images together there, and brought out some details in the shadowed area by enhancing it, so don’t be looking for absolute accuracy when you click on it to enlarge it, ok? 🙂 )

Meanwhile, we also have enough raws now to make a colour picture of the large slab of rock at the high, southern point of Yuma – “Ruiz Garcia”…

… and (surprise, surprise!) in 3D…

Check back for more images soon… 🙂

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