Taking a closer look at Luis…

Oppy has bumped a little bit closer to Yuma, and this is the new view – which, to be honest, isn’t dramatically different to the previous view, but we can see a little more detail…

… and in 3D…

Oppy has also been taking a closer look at some of the exposed bedrock around and beneath her. This ‘plate’ has been christened “Luis de Torres”…

(Why? Well, de Torres was one of Christopher Columbus’ crew… See here  and here… )

There should be some colour pics of de Torres soon, so keep checking back for those. Will Oppy start her “Hunt for Hydrates” with de Torres? We should know soon. But to end for now,let’s take a look at where Oppy is (thanks again to UMSF’s Eduardo Tesheiner for his invaluable Google Mars .kml file!)…

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