Say hello to La Gallega…

There was probably a more appropriate and clever way of saying that in Spanish but it’ll have to wait… 🙂

The “little crater” on the south side of Santa Maria now has a name – it’s “La Gallega”, and, as is the tradition with craters visited by Oppy during her trek across Meridiani, it was named after a famous ‘ship of discovery’. So, what was “La Gallega”?

It was the Santa Maria!

Or rather, it was the Santa Maria originally, because Christopher Columbus re-christened the caravel after setting off in it in August 1492. Maybe he didn’t like the original name because his crew ‘lovingly’ referred to it as “Marigalante”, or “Dirty Mary”, and decided to give his ship – which was larger than either the “Nina” or the “Pinta” a rather less chavvy name… 😉

Whatever the reason, La Gallega had its name changed to “Santa Maria” soon after leaving port on Columbus’ historic voyage, so we now have two different craters on Mars named after the same ship. Which I think is fair enough.

Here’s a newly colourised view I’ve made of the little crater, from raw images that hit the net this morning…

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