HiRISE sees Oppy again…

The astounding HiRISE camera onboard NASA’s MRO Mars orbiter has taken another pair of images of Opportunity  on the surface of Mars, this time just after she arrived at the edge of Santa Maria crater… click on the following images to see larger versions and you’ll be able to spot the shadow of the rover’s tall camera mast on the ground beneath her…

What a brilliant New Year’s gift! It’s always fantastic, I think, to actually be able to see Oppy there, on Mars, with the martian landscape all around her.

Sharpening those images, and boosting the contrast etc, doesn’t add an awful lot, but it does help bring out details in the crater walls, etc.

…and finally, just for fun, a colourised version. Not accurate *at all*, just messing about 🙂

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