So, how big IS Santa Maria..?

All these pictures I’ve been posting… very pleased with them, ‘cos they’re so pretty, and hopefully dramatic sometimes, too… but they don’t really give you a sense of scale, do they? They don’t really show the true size of Santa Maria crater. Frustrating! What can we do?

Well, over on UMSF, one of the imagemages there – namely, fredk – has created a graphic showing the true size of this fascinating place. He used a recent colourised panoramic image of the crater, made by fellow UMSF member and image magician James Canvin, and put some human figures on it to the cotrrect scale, thus illustrating perfectly the real size of this feature. His human figure is quite famous over on UMSF and is known as the “Mystery Man”! So, what I did, to make it even more familiar and useful to rover enthusiasts like yourself, dear reader, was add an “Opportunity” next to each Mystery Man, also to the correct scale. So, now you can see very, very clearly just how big Santa Maria actually is. Click to enlarge, as usual.

Please note, this is just a bit of fun and not to be taken as 10000% accurate in scale, although it’s probably not far off,to be honest.

Thanks very much to fredk for letting me edit his brilliant image! 🙂

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