Catching up…

Apologies (if anyone’s actually bothered, or has missed my updates, haha!) for the lack of posts the past couple of days, but I’ve been very busy, what with work, lunar eclipses and earthquakes (no, really, we had an ‘earthquake’ here in Cumbria last night, mag 3.5, quite respectable. It’s already been nicknamed, locally, the ‘Kendal Mint Quake’… genius…). Lots of new images have come in, but as Oppy hasn’t actually moved they’re not pictures of new scenery, but previously-seen scenery images seen with different filters, allowing us to make some long-awaited colour portraits of this beautiful, dranatic place.

So this post is going to be something of an image-fest, with no new information but lots of new pictures of Santa Maria. I hope you enjoy them. As ever, click on each image to bring up a full-size version – oh, and if you’re going to use one of these pics on your own blog, that’s fine, I’d like you to, but please credit it and link back to this blog if you can.

So far my favourite images of Santa Maria show the dark dust dunes piled up against the northern wall. Here are some views I’ve made of those…

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1 Response to Catching up…

  1. morleytalcott says:

    Beautiful work, Stu…as usual. Santa Maria’s sides are so steep! It really is a glory.

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