Careful now, Oppy…!

Having arrived at Santa Maria, Oppy is now creeping towards the edge of the crater for her first real look over and into it. And the latest pictures give a tantalising glimpse into the future, to when Oppy reaches the edge and can see the whole crater for the first time…

This image shows just how brilliant the rover drivers are – see how Oppy weaved around those rocks..?

But going back to Oppy’s latest view of the crater, put on your 3D glasses and walk close to the edge with Oppy…

Would YOU like the responsibility of driving a multi gazillion dollar rover up close to a yawning pit on an alien planet? What a great job the rover drivers do! 🙂

More pictures later today, so check back then.

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1 Response to Careful now, Oppy…!

  1. Tom says:

    Stunning new view! Thanks for the update. I hope you guys on don’t mind me adding your photos to my blog site, but I always give credit to whoever puts them together. Nice job!

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