Less than a K to go..!

Oppy drove over 100m in her last drive, meaning she is now less than 1km from Santa Maria! I know that’s a pretty meaningless number – any single metre of driving could kill Oppy for any one of a hundred reasons – but (probably foolishly!) we’ve all gotten so used to Oppy now driving 100m or so each sol that we now divide any distance between points into units, so in our heads we’re all thinking “Ooh! Less than ten drives to go!” even though that’s not a smart way of thinking about it. But, if all goes well, Oppy should be rolling up to Santa Maria within a couple of weeks, and will in all likelyhood spend Christmas at the crater, resting and preparing for her final assault on Endeavour.

So, where are we now? Here’s an updated version of my “road ahead” chart… the red circle shows Oppy’a latest position…

And what does Santa Maria look like from where Oppy is now? Like this…

Here’s what Santa Maria looks like if you zoom in on it…

Now, when I looked at that after making it I must admit I thought “Huh, it looks no ***** different!” But when you look at 3 days images one after another it becomes clear how much closer we now are to Santa Maria… Click on this next image to start the animation moving…

I’m pretty sure that over the next week we’ll enjoy better and better views of Santa Maria. Keep checking back here to see those pics! 🙂

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1 Response to Less than a K to go..!

  1. TCs says:

    Do you happen to know where I could get some detailed Google Earth map textures that include Santa Maria? The last ones I downloaded (through UMSF, I think) don’t cover that area.

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