Farewell, Intrepid…

Although the latest images don’t actually show it, I’m pretty sure Oppy has now driven away from Intrepid and is heading towards Santa Maria. I have to say, Intrepid was surprisingly interesting for such a small crater. On the HiRISE images it looked… well… boring, yes, boring, but when Oppy got there and looked into it it certainly impressed! In fact, if Oppy had landed near Intrepid, or if she wasn’t in this race against time to get to Endeavour, I think Oppy would have stayed a lot longer there, investigating its exposed bedrock, its outcrops and those interesting, dark rocks on its eastern slope… But Intrepid is now behind Oppy, and the much larger and more dramatic Santa Maria is just 1.5km ahead.

Where are we now?

Well, thanks – as ever – to Eduardo Tesheiner for his fantastic work with Google Earth’s .kml files, we can see that Oppy is close to one of the last remaining areas of exposed bedrock she’ll encounter on her way to Endeavour…

… and we can see that “lilly pad” dead ahead on this image…

I think it’s worth taking another look at the Bigger Picture. Here’s my latest panorama of the faraway Hills of Endeavour…

(click on it to enlarge it, of course).

This next picture shows where all those features actually are in relation to the rim of Endeavour…

Still no sign of Santa Maria yet, or of Cape York…

Oppy’s route will now be roughly… approximately… maybe.. ish… this…

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