Close-up on Intrepid…

Oppy has rolled up to the edge of Intrepid crater and taken some last, more detailed pictures in advance of turning east and heading towards Santa Maria. Here’s the view Oppy had…

Click on that image for a larger version, and you’ll be able to see all the lovely layering and detail visible in the rocks scattered inside the crater.

And I’d like to thank UMSF’s KrisK for allowing me to reproduce here his rather lovely colourised – not “colour” – panorama of Intrepid…

Full size version here, plus more of KrisK’s work. Thanks , Kris!

And now for something I think is pretty special… On this 3D image you can see the interior of Intrepid, and, far away, on the horizon, you can see the hills of Endeavour… This is the first time I’ve made a 3D image where I can actually “feel” a 3D effect between the foreground and the hills on the horizon.

I really can’t see Oppy lingering too much longer here. I am pretty sure that the next set of images to come back will show Oppy has turned her back on Intrepid and is now steaming east, heading for Santa Maria… 🙂

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