Don’t Blink…

…or you’ll miss these pics of craters Oppy scooted past without stopping to look at properly! 🙂

Here’s Oppy’s crater-hopping recent route…

Oppy took pictures of all of those craters but didn’t stop to umage them in any detail – they’re just not interesting enough to warrant delaying her arrival at Santa Maria, up there at the top of the image, now some 1.5km away.

Here’s the “double crater”, ‘Paramore’. It’s about 12m wide.

…and a 3D version of the central section…

And here’s 7m wide ‘Golden Hind’…

‘Yankee Clipper’ was imaged too, but those frames aren’t back on Earth yet, or at least haven’t been released out into the wild yet.

‘Intrepid’ is much larger, of course…

More pictures soon, including some images of Mars’ moon Phobos transiting – or eclipsing – the Sun…

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