The Big Country beckons…

Oppy has almost reached the final ‘mini-crater’ which stands between her and Santa Maria.

… and a 3D view…

This as yet unnamed crater isn’t large (it’s actually just 18m wide) but it is important because, really, it’s the last surface feature of any size or interest between where we are now and Santa Maria (112m wide) crater, which is still some 1.5km away… This next pic shows the two craters to the same scale: the crater in the views above is shown at the 11 o’cklock position, just outside the rim of Santa Maria…

So, I hope you like the view Oppy is enjoying now of the featureless, flat, wide open plains of Meridiani, because This Is It until we get to Santa Maria – and after that there’s half a dozen km more of nothing until we get to Endeavour itself. 🙂

And if you’re one of the people who was moaning about Oppy stopping to look at meteorites, just remember what you said; I reckon that you’ll be DESPERATE to see a meteorite up ahead soon, just to have something to look at to break the monotony! HAHA! 🙂

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