Moving on…

Oppy’s latest drive was – wait for this – 120m!!! She’s now left Puntarenas far, far behind, and is heading quickly towards the nearest patch of ultra-flat terrain. Once she reaches this “parking lot” the driving will be a lot easier, with few, if any, large ripples or other distractions to delay Oppy.

Here’s Oppy’s view at the end of her latest drive – first in standard 2D then in 3D…

Look carefully at that 3D pic and you’ll see quite clearly how the ground up ahead ia a LOT flatter than the ground we’re on now. Can’t wait for Oppy to get over there!

So, where are we? Well, as usual, Eduardo Tesheiner’s brilliant KML file for Google Earth can show us…

Maybe… MAYbe… our favourite rover will take this route..?

And finally for this post, a look at the latest view of the faraway hills of Endeavour…

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1 Response to Moving on…

  1. Tim says:

    Great blog! What a journey….too bad the rest of the country is not so enthusiastic. I admire the JPL team greatly for the twin rovers.

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