Pit stop at Puntarenas

Yes, we’re still here! No updates for a few days because a) I’ve been horrendously busy and 2) Oppy hasn’t been doing much driving. She’s made a scientific pit stop at an area of plates of exposed rock which has been christened “Puntarenas”. Here’s a mosaic of the area, made by UMSF’s cartographer amgnifique Eduardo Tesheiner (I tried making one like it but failed miserably to make all the different raw images line up and join up properly!):

And where exactly is this fascinating place? Here…

…and what is it named after? It’s named after the city of Puntarenas in Costa Rica.

Anyway, back to Oppy’s pit stop. She seems to have stopped here because the rocks are particularly interesting – there are lots of layers, and different shades and colours, suggesting a very complicated history for this part of Mars. Here’s a mosaic I made out of two images, showing part of the area…

You’ll note the lovely layering in those rocks on the right?

I managed to make a colourised version of part of Punta Arenas, too…

Oppy has also been busy with her “microscopic imager”, taking extreme close-ups of the surface of Punta Arenas. Here are a few enhanced views I’ve made…

And a mosaic to give a wider view…

Lots there to keep the geologists and rock-hounds busy, I’m sure!

So, what’s next? Well, Oppy will probably hang around here a couple more sols, then strike out for the faraway hills of Endeavour again. Something up ahead caught my eye on a pic a couple of days ago – a big “block” of something in the middle distance…

It shows up really clearly on this 3D view…

I wonder if Oppy will head on over there to take a look? As ever, we’ll just Have To Wait And See! 🙂

Oppy is now 2.25km from Santa Maria crater.

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4 Responses to Pit stop at Puntarenas

  1. Daneel says:

    Actually, Ushuaia (Argentina) is at 54° 48′ S while Punta arenas is at 53° 9′ S.

    And I will seize this Opportunity (oh, I’m so funny…) to praise your blog. I was following Oppy and Spirit through newstories and press releases, but I love having information and photos coming more “real-time”. I feel much more… “there”.

    • phoenixpics says:

      Thanks for the comment, much appreciated – and thanks for setting me straight about the city location, too; I’ve amended the post accordingly.

  2. J. Major says:

    This is great Stu I was wondering what’s been going on with Oppy recently. Nice work on the color image!

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