It’s been a long road…

Following a suggestion in a comment posted earlier today, I thought it might be good to see Oppy’s epic journey as a whole, to show just how far she’s come and how far she still has to go. So, here you are – the flag marks Oppy’s landing site, the yellow line her course after landing, with that stop-over at Victoria Crater along the way.

Look in the dictionary for “Amazing” and you know what it says?

Mars rovers.


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5 Responses to It’s been a long road…

  1. andreaX says:

    thank you

  2. morleytalcott says:

    Just wanted to say, “Thanks” for your Oppy blog. It’s a real service to those of us who have followed the MERs lo these many years. The pictures you knit together are outstanding. It’s very exciting to see the hills of Endeavour growing in Oppy’s field of view. I hope our little rover makes it all the way there.
    Peace and all good!

  3. Paul says:

    Any movement yet?

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