Farewell, Ireland…

Oppy is now well past the meteorite “Ireland”, but a couple of ‘parting shots’ have come back from the rover. Enjoy these pics – there’ll be no more taken of this meteorite until the day people actually track it down in the Meridiani desert, in probably a century’s time…

So, that’s it for “Ireland” then… Coming next: Oppy will be heading for “Santa Maria”, in the hope of detecting some very exciting geology there. We’re now all waiting impatiently for the first ‘sighting’ of Santa Maria, which is now less than 2.5km away and must poke its head over the local horizon soon. Maybe my next post will announce it’s been seen for the first time… 🙂

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2 Responses to Farewell, Ireland…

  1. Rick Woods says:

    Do desolate,yet this is actually soothing to look at!!! Thanks

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