“Ireland” – the One That Got Away…

Oppy has now driven away from Oileán Ruaidh and is heading towards Endeavour crater again. You’ll remember that when she was investigating Oileán Ruaidh, Oppy could see another meteorite not too far away? Well, as predicted, Oppy drove in its direction – and drove right past without stopping to take a closer look. But as she passed she fired off a few frames, allowing us at least a glimpse of the 6th large meteorite to be found by the remarkable rover.

Here’s one of the raw images…

And here’s the obligatory 3D view…

Frustrating, eh?! Well, if only if you find meteorites interesting. If you don’t, it’s just a chunk of space slag. But if you are fascinated by these fallen star stones, like I am, then passing one of these without stopping for a proper look is just a little bit sad, especially when you get a tantalising detail when you enhance the raw images like this…

Oh, I’d have loved a closer look at that! But really, that’s just me being selfish; it’s not that important, it doesn’t look remarkably different to the other members of Oppy’s collection, in fact it looks remarkably similar… and up ahead, on the horizon, the hills of Endeavour are calling, louder than ever before.

And anyway, every adventure needs a chapter entitled “The One That Got Away”, doesn’t it? 🙂

So, where are we now? Let’s take a look at where Oppy was at the end of her most recent drive, when she’d already left “Ireland” far behind…

She’s now pausing a while in an area that looks very layered, with lots of fascinating surface detail. An update on that soon (when I have a clue what she’s looking at!)

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