Last meteorite for a while…

Well, enjoy these last few images of Oileán Ruaidh, because there won’t be any more – Oppy is about to leave the iron meteorite behind and head on towards the faraway hills of Endeavour. Rover driver Scott Maxwell Tweeted earlier today:

Driving away from the meteorite today. Not going to stop at the next one, but we’re doing “drive-by shooting” (imaging as we pass it).”

So it seems that we’ll soon have some images showing the meteorite dropping away behind Oppy. And the next meteorite along on the Meridiani Meteorite Highway will only be snapped as the rover trundles past.

…which is okay, because as much as I love meteorites, I think it’s time Oppy was on her way again. Those hills look, and are starting to feel, awfully close now, but they are, in reality, still a loooong way away, so we need a few 100m plus drives to get us back on track and on schedule.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this enhanced view of Oppy’s latest meteorite – and hope you’ll marvel, as I did, at the amazing features and detail visible on it…

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1 Response to Last meteorite for a while…

  1. cordy cooke says:

    Stu, please, I hope I am not being to informal. It is only that I feel like I know you personally. Like you, I adore these rovers. Like you, I am priveleged to have virtually walked across the surface of Mars with these wonderful robot geologists for the last 6 1/2 years. For the first 4 years, I only visited the MER web site. Then I discovered you, Unmanned Spaceflight, Emily Lakdawalla etc. and a whole new layer of wonder I never knew existed. I just wanted to say thank you. I am unable to really express how your contribution has enriched my life. Please know that I eagerly await every single posting on this site and am always very inspired. What an amazing time in which we live. Thank you again. Hoping to hear from Spirit very soon, your admirer, cordy
    Oh, it was fun to see the steps of your flat.

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